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Video by Wally Wychopen

About Square Dancing

When someone mentions square dancing, what comes to mind? Barns - screechy old music - funny outfits - back room boozing - is this what you imagined? Of course there is the quick realization that you can't dance. Everything changes in time.

Square dancing today is not what it was years ago. Modern square dancing has evolved - it has a new face - new moves - new music! Instead of pre-set patterns, the choreography is created as the dancers move - which makes each dance different, interesting, and fun! If you think it's all country music, think again - oldies, classic rock, movies and show tunes, standards - any and all can be heard on any given night. People of all ages and occupations from engineers to students, to truck drivers are getting involved because not only is square dancing fun, it's also a great form of exercise. Studies have shown that adults who have a history of activities such as dance, tend to have less incidents of falling as they get older. One of those was from the Mayo Clinic. Health benefits include increased flexibility - improved muscle tone - keener mental awareness and a host of others. Square dancing can be called "walking to music" as one can put on several miles in a dance. There's no alcohol involved so it is fun for the whole family for less than the cost of a movie. Many couples have found square dancing helps to bring them closer in their relationships - something they can do together and the cost is low. So get your dance shoes and experience something new - something fun - enjoy dancing with a difference.

People of all ages and levels of ability can square dance.

Kindergarden Square Dancing -video by TARA KRUPP

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