The Calgary & District Square & Round Dancers Association (“C&D”) is a registered non-profit organization which coordinates the activities of the square and round dance clubs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and surrounding areas.  Our governing board is composed of two representatives from each member club.

Our District activities include:
– Promote of square and round dancing and related dances styles
– Hosting city-wide dances featuring Canadian and International callers
– Annual barbecue and dance

Our Club activities include:
– Weekly or bi-weekly mainstream level dances
– Weekly square dance lessons
– Social events

We belong to the Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation (ASRDF) who:
– Coordinate square and round dance activities in Alberta
– Sponsor the annual Alberta Convention

We are also members of the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (CSRDS) who:
– Promote square and round dancing in Canada
– Sponsor the biennial Canadian Convention
– Provide liability insurance for clubs, dancers, callers & cuers