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Rules of Square Dancing – #9

9.  You’re never through learning.  You’ll find there is always something new that you can learn or some part of your dancing which can be improved upon.  Mistakes are a normal part of dancing.  The important thing is to find out what you did that was wrong and then try […]

Preview the proposed new bylaws!

The Bylaws Committee has completed the final draft of the new bylaws for the Calgary and District Square and Round Dancers Association. These will be voted on at the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Association. Copies have been distributed electronically to Club Presidents and District Representatives. Contact one of […]

Rules of Square Dancing – #10

10.  Enjoy yourself – have fun.  Pleasure is contagious.  You’ll be surprised how much your smile will pep up the entire square.  Come to a square dance expecting a good time and you’ll have it.  If having a good time to you means making noise, be sure to time your […]