Warman, Larry

Larry Warman (Joyce)

Wheatland Whirlers

I started dancing at 6 yrs of age studying tap and ballroom dancing. This continued for 14 years. For the last 6 yrs of this time I was invited to teach tap dancing and ballroom dancing( waltz , foxtrot, swing(east and west coast) . Tango , as well as polka and other latin American rhythms. From 8 to 12 yr I did old time square dancing thru school and learned how to call square dances and spent 4 year dancing and calling old time square dance for schools clubs

Many years later on moving to Calgary I conducted one year of Ballroom instruction with the Calgary Continuing Education. After moving to Strathmore did two years of Ballroom instruction with Strathmore Continuing Education Dept.  My wife and I then join Joe Griffin round dance club and danced with him till his retirement.  In 2008 we joined Wheatland Whirlers Square dance club. We now dance Mainstream, Plus, A1 and A2.  We have been doing modern square dancing for 10 years now.

I attended callers school and  started calling beginners and mainstream  tips at club on a weekly basis.  I assist Dave Littlfaire the club caller, in teaching our new dances on a weekly basis using the Nest System. I have filled in for Dave when he is not available both for the Wheatland Whirlers and Banff Trailers beginners nights. I have called ,introduction nights to square dance ,in and around Strathmroe for organizations including private parties. I call Basic,& Mainstream

We have attended several convention in Canada , USA ,including State convention in Hawaii. And have called at each, including sharing the calling at the Trail in dance for the Hawaii State convention.

Feel free to contact us regarding your dancing pleasure.