New Dancers

Information For New Dancers

Square Dance Lessons 2018
Our clubs offer weekly lessons from September to April each year.  This list provides the locations and start dates for each club.  The list will be updated as more information becomes available.

Illustrated Handbook Of Square Dance Moves
– This booklet is available from each club

Beginner & Mainstream Moves
– One-page list of basic square dance moves
– Useful checklist for all dancers

Beginner & Mainstream Definitions
– Select “Abbreviated Definitions Basic/Mainstream”)
– Detailed descriptions of the moves (PDF, 33 pages)

Video Square Dance Lessons
– Videos from the Saddlebrook Squares Club
– Several moves described in each video

– Animations of all Beginner & Mainstream moves
– Useful for reviewing a particular move

Animated Square Dancing
– Animations of selected Square Dance Moves
– A CD is available that shows all Beginner, Mainstream and Plus moves