Would you like to learn to square dance?

Our clubs offer weekly square dance lessons.  Typically, the lessons start in September and end in April each year.  In that time, dancers have learned the 48 Basic and 19 Mainstream moves, as defined by Callerlab, the international association of square dance callers.

Some clubs use a shorter program, starting in January or April.  This program spends less time on moves that are not commonly used.  Other clubs use a program where new dancers can start any time.  New dancers can select the club whose program that works best for them.

During the Calgary Stampede in July there are a number of opportunities to try square dancing:
Fluor Rope Square – daily square dances with audience participation
Fluor Rope Square – video
– Braeside Stampede Breakfast (Saturday, July 06, 2019)

Square Dance Lessons 2018
This list provides the locations and start dates for each club in the fall of 2018.  The information for the 2019 season will be similar.


Beginner & Mainstream Moves
– One-page list of basic square dance moves
– Useful checklist for all dancers

Beginner & Mainstream Definitions
– Select “Abbreviated Definitions Basic/Mainstream”)
– Detailed descriptions of the moves (PDF, 33 pages)

Video Square Dance Lessons
– Several moves are described in each video

– Animations of all Basic & Mainstream moves
– Useful for reviewing a particular move

Animated Square Dancing
– Animations of selected Square Dance Moves
– A CD is available that shows all Beginner, Mainstream and Plus moves

Illustrated Handbook Of Square Dance Moves
– This booklet is available from each club