Square Dance Moves

View or print a list of all Basic and Mainstream Square Dance Moves in PDF format.

Callerlab (the International Square Dance Callers Association) organizes square dance moves into several groups. Within each group, there is a recommended teaching order, starting with the simpler moves and gradually working up to the more complex moves. The Callerlab website contains a wide variety of information that is useful for clubs and dancers, as well as callers. Beginner dancers are may find the Teaching Resources to be a useful reference.

Basic Level One
This list contains 32 moves, from “Circle Left” to “Dive Thru”. In the traditional 28 to 30 week teaching program, these moves are usually learned before Christmas. At the local “beginner level” dances in December – February, the callers call only the moves on this list.

Basic Level Two
This list contains an additional 16 moves from “Wheel Around” to “Flutter Wheel”. At the local “Graduate’s Ball” in April, the callers will call only the moves on the Basic One and Basic Two lists.

This list contains an additional 19 moves, from “Cloverleaf” to “Recycle”. Dancers attending a “Mainstream Level” dance are expected to have a working knowledge of these moves. The local “Summer Dances” are designed to give new dancers more experience with this group of moves, but the moves should have been taught and learned at the club level first.

The Plus list includes an additional 30 moves. Two local clubs (Acey Pluses and Tom’s Friday Plus) hold lessons and dances at this level. Dancers are expected to have a solid understanding of all Basic and Mainstream moves before moving on to the Plus level.

Advanced & Challenge
Experienced dancers may wish to go beyond the Plus level to these more challenging levels. For information, contact the local Double A’s club.