Rules of Square Dancing – #10

10.  Enjoy yourself – have fun.  Pleasure is contagious.  You’ll be surprised how much your smile will pep up the entire square.  Come to a square dance expecting a good time and you’ll have it.  If having a good time to you means making noise, be sure to time your vocal enthusiasm when it won’t distract the others in the square from hearing the calls.  The end of each dance is a good time to let off steam.  Just remember that when you clap at the end of a square you have enjoyed, you’re applauding the caller, certainly, and you’re saying “thank you” to the others in the square, that’s true.  But, you’re also applauding you, for it is you who did the job and it is you who experienced that wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes with being a square dancer.

– As published in -“The Illustrated Mainstream Movements of Square Dancing”