Virtual Square Dancing
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Play each video and dance to what is called. Before you try each video, check the notes below for corrections.

Introduction: Introduction by caller Lorne Smith.
Tip 1: The first time that a “Reverse Flutterwheel” is called, the Men were told to start with their Right hand (should be Left). The second time it was called, the instructions were correct.
Tip 2: Sound problem on the second and third moves. They are Partner Trade and Pass Thru.

Tip 1:
Tip 2:

Introduction 1 of 2: “Walk Through” Introduction to Two Couple dancing and dancing with a Phantom Couple or partner.
Introduction 2 of 2: Continuation of the introduction.
Tip 1: Dancing to music.
Tip 2: Dancing to music. Adds moves and formations not previously danced.