The Social Square Dancing Program

Callerlab, the international association of square dance callers, has proposed a new program called “Social Square Dancing” which is designed to allow new dancers to complete the program in a shorter period (twelve to fourteen weeks).  This program teaches only fifty moves instead of the seventy moves in the Callerlab Basic and Mainstream programs. This allows the dancers to spend more time dancing and less time in learning new moves.

Social Square Dancing (SSD) is designed as a stand alone “destination” program, so that dancers can enjoy dancing at this level.  Some dancers will remain at the SSD level, while others may wish to learn the remaining moves in the Mainstream program.

Click Here to view an alphabetical list of the moves used in the SSD program. The list also shows those Basic and Mainstream moves which have been omitted from the SSD program. The “omitted” moves include complex moves, such as “Do Paso”, Allemande Thar, and Spin Chain Thru, that are rarely called, even at Mainstream dances.

Click Here to view the lesson plan for a typical twelve-week program.  Some moves are taught earlier than in the Basic and Mainstream lesson programs.

Click Here to view a “Frequently Asked Questions” document” about the Social Square Dance Program.

Click Here to visit the SSD discussion group on Facebook.