Zoom Software

Getting Started

Introduction to Zoom for Virtual Square Dances
– 2020-07-21, Caller Lorne Smith

Zoom – Download Software
For desktop or laptop computers, click on the “Download” button below “Zoom Client For Meetings”. For smart phones, scroll down to “Zoom Mobile Apps”. The software is also available from you mobile device’s App Store. If you log into a Zoom meeting and do not have the software installed, you will receive a prompt to do so.

Zoom Meetings – Signing In
– Under construction

Zoom Meetings – Participating
– Under construction

Zoom Preferences
You can preset your preferences for current and future meetings. Look for a “gear” icon on the Home window which appears when you first start the Zoom software. This appears in the right upper corner on a desktop computer and lower right corner on an iPhone. Other devices may vary.

Zoom Website – Help Center
Resources to help you make better use of Zoom.

Quick Start Guide For New Users
A useful guide for first-time users

Zoom Website – Video Tutorials
Tutorials from Zoom. Many others are available on YouTube.

Zoom Website – Test Meeting
– This page allows you to join a private Zoom meeting and practice using the controls.
– If you do not have the Zoom software installed, you will be prompted to do so
– You can invite others (by email) to join you in the meeting