Zoom Meetings – Participating

Waiting Room
When you first enter a meeting, you may be placed in a “Waiting Room” until the host admits you. In other meetings, the host may have disabled the waiting room feature and allows you directly into the meeting.

Before entering a meeting, check the volume level on your headset or microphone.

You may be given an opportunity to check your video before entering the meeting. This is an opportunity to check your appearance before others can see you.

Task Bar
This is located at the bottom of the screen on desktops. It is hidden until you hover your mouse pointer over it. On the iPhone, some controls are at the top of the screen and others are at the bottom. Other devices may vary.

Mute Control
The Mute/Unmute control is located at the lower left of the screen. Participants can mute themselves for privacy. The Host may “Mute All” so that only the main speaker can be heard.

Video Controls
Action: expand to describe the options

Participant Controls
Click on the Participant icon to display or hide the Participant list.

Click the link in the task bar to view the Chat window. On a desktop computer the Chat window appears below the participant list. You can chat with everyone or a selected individual.

Participant List
– Desktops: displayed on the right side of the screen on desktops
– Smart Phones: displayed as a separate window
– Option to raise a hand to ask a question
– Option to mute self
– Option to update your own name as displayed on screen

Share Screen
This feature displays your computer screen to everyone. Please do not use it during the Virtual Square Dances. Our meeting host will usually override your ability to use it.

Participant Windows
These show the individual participants in the meeting. When the meeting is being recorded, you have an option to remove your picture so that it is not recorded. Hover over the upper right corner of any picture to see additional controls (icon = three dots). Participants can opt to enlarge any one of these windows or to omit any windows without active video.

Speaker View
In this view. the host or designated speaker window is displayed larger. Other Participant windows are shown at the top of the screen. Click on “Gallery View” in the upper right corner of the main Zoom screen to change to Gallery view.

Gallery View
The Host, main speaker and all participants are shown in equal small windows. The default maximum is 25 participants on one screen (5 by 5 grid). An option change this to allow 49 participants on one screen (7 by 7 grid) is available from your main control panel on desktop computers. Additional participants are shown on additional screens, which can be seen by scrolling left or right. Click on “Speaker View” in the upper right corner of the main screen to change to Speaker View.