Zoom Meetings – Signing In

– Sign in a few minutes before the meeting is scheduled
– Check your audio and video settings before entering

Desktop Computers – Hardware
– You need a webcam to show your image in the meeting
– You need speakers or a headset to hear the sound
– You need a microphone or a headset with a microphone so that you can be heard

Laptop Computers – Hardware
– Usually include a camera and a microphone
– Adding an external speaker may improve the sound

Smart Phones & Tablets – Hardware
– Usually include a camera and a microphone
– An external speaker can improve the sound
– An adjustable tripod can make it easier to adjust the viewing angle
– Control locations differ from on a desktop computer
Click here for a YouTube presentation on using Zoom with tablets or telephones.

Standard Telephone
– With a regular telephone, you can hear the audio presentation, and can speak with other participants
– You will not be able see the video.

Device Setup
– Avoid bright windows or lights in the background.
– Adjust your camera angle so that the caller can see you when you are dancing.
– Watch the videos of past dances to see what works

Profile Picture
This is used by Zoom to identify you if you do not have active video. Open the Zoom program on your computer, tablet or phone. On the Home screen, select Settings (a “gear” icon). The location of the icon varies on different devices. The location of the option to change the Profile picture also varies.