Join A Zoom Meeting Using A Standard Telephone

This article outlines the steps required to join a Zoom video conferencing meeting, using a standard telephone.  You will be able to hear and participate in the discussion but will not see the video.  Access using “smart phones”, which usually have a video display, camera and speakers will be discussed in a future document.

Event Information
To join a meeting, you need to know the scheduled date and time and the meeting number.  These are usually posted on the website or Facebook page of the hosting organization.  If you do not have Internet access, have a friend obtain this information for you.  It is a good idea to join a meeting a few minutes before the scheduled start time.

Telephone Number – Calgary
Zoom provides toll-free lines for telephone access.  In Calgary, this number is 587-328-1099. To join the meeting, dial this number.  You will hear a welcome message and a prompt to enter the meeting number.  To leave the meeting, just hang up the phone.

Meeting Number
This number identifies a specific meeting.  Enter the number using the telephone’s keypad, followed by the Pound (#) sign.  If you are asked for a Participant ID, just press the Pound key again.

Enter Meeting & Waiting Room
You may be entered into the meeting directly; in which case you will usually hear the other participants chatting.  Or you may be put into a “waiting room” and wait for the host to admit you.

Mute and Unmute
When you first enter a meeting, you are “Unmuted”, meaning that other participants can hear whatever you say.  Press “*6” on your telephone keypad to switch between Mute and Unmute.  When you are “Muted”, you can still hear the other participants, or the main speaker.  To avoid distractions, the host may mute ALL participants when a speaker is making a presentation.

Raise Hand
To get the attention of the host, press “*9” to “Raise Your Hand”.  The host will be notified by a flag in the Participant List.  The host can then offer you an opportunity to speak.  This is a useful way to get attention when several people are speaking at once. When speaking, start by identifying yourself, since other participants cannot tell who you are.

Desktop Computer Without Microphone
If you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can join a Zoom eeting and see the video (and hear the sound if you have speakers attached).  You can then join separately with your telephone, using it as your microphone, so that other participants can hear you.

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