New Dancers

Warning: Square Dancing can be addictive!

What Is Square Dancing?
A Square Dance is a dance for four couples (eight dancers) arranged in a square, with one couple on each side facing the middle of the square. A “caller” gives a sequence of instructions to the dancers. The caller gives the name of the call, such as “circle left” or “forward and back” and the dancers respond.  The caller plans the calls so that everyone ends with their original partner and back at their home position.  The calls are set to music, so the dancers move with the flow of the music

How Do I Learn To Square Dance?
No previous dance experience is needed. Weekly lessons are offered by several local clubs, starting at the “Basic” level with the easiest moves.  As dancers gain experience, new moves are added.

Do I Need A Dance Partner?
Couples and individuals are welcome.  At lessons, experienced dancers are available to act as partners for new dancers.

Is It Good Exercise?
Square dancing is an excellent low-impact activity.  In a two-hour dance, you might record 5000 or more steps on your activity recorder.

Are Lessons Expensive?
At the start of the dance season, most clubs offer one to two free introductory lessons.  After that, there is an inexpensive charge for weekly lessons.

What Should I Wear?
Casual dress and comfortable indoor shoes are recommended.

What Types Of Music Are Used?
Square dancing is done to many different types of music, including pop, rock, western, and even classical.  All that is required is the music have a good steady beat.