Traditional square dance, which is also called “old time square dance” is often done to live music. Traditional square dance is not standardized and can be subdivided into regional styles.

A typical old-time square dance involves one couple at a time doing a set pattern before returning to their home position. The pattern often has the active couple visiting each of the other three couples before returning home. After the first couple completes the full pattern, then each of the other couples has a turn at being the active couple. Between each couple’s turn at being the active couple, there is usually a pattern that involves all four couples.

Traditional squares are an excellent way to introduce new dancers to square dancing, since a pattern may contain as few as three or four moves. This makes it quick and easy to teach.

Click here to see a 1954 video that teaches the traditional dance known as “Divide The Ring” or “Split The Ring

Click here to see a modern video that shows the same dance, but with variations for experienced dancers.