Mainstream Program

The Callerlab Basic and Mainstream Program teaches square dancing in an program that is used world-wide. It starts with the simplest moves and adds more moves as dancers gain experience. Callerlab recommends that the Basic Level One and Two moves be taught over a period of at least 44 hours of instruction with an additional 15 or more hours of instruction for the Mainstream moves.

Basic and Mainstream Program
A one-page list of all Basic and Mainstream moves. This is a a useful reference for all dancers.

Basic – Level One
Information about the easiest moves from “Circle Left” to “Dive Thru”. These moves are danced in square, circle and line formations.

Basic – Level Two
Information about the next level of moves from “Wheel Around” to “Flutter Wheel”. These moves introduce the dancers to waves and other formations.

Mainstream Level
Information about the final group of moves from “Cloverleaf” to “Recycle”.

Social Square Dance (SSD) Program
This program omits some of the Basic and Mainstream moves so that dancers can complete the lessons in a twelve week period.

Plus Program
After gaining experience with the Mainstream Program, dancers may be interested in learning even more moves in the Plus Program. Two local clubs (Acey Pluses and Tom’s Plus) hold Plus Level lessons and dances.


The Tam Twirlers club offer excellent animations of all Basic, Mainstream and Plus moves. It is also available for Apple iPhones and iPad tablets.

North Shore Squares
This club provides videos of individual square dance moves in the mainstream program. The video at the top of this page is one example. It is a recommended resource for new dancers

Video Square Dance Lessons
The Saddlebrook Squares club offers videos of Basic and Mainstream moves. Several moves are included in each video, so that you can see how different moves flow smoothly together.