Basic Two Moves

Square Dance moves (“calls”) from “Wheel Around” to “Ferris Wheel”

Videos are links to the North Shore Squares website.
– More videos are available from Saddlebrook Squares,

Animations of square dance moves are available on the Taminations website.

Definitions are links to the Callerlab teaching files.

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Click Here to view a printable list of all Basic and Mainstream moves – in Callerlab teaching order

Click Here to view a list of all Basic and Mainstream moves – in Alphabetic order.

Moves are listed below in the Callerlab teaching order.

B33. Wheel AroundDefinitionVideo
B34. Box the GnatDefinitionVideo
B35a. Trade – Named DancersDefinitionVideo-Trade-GeneralVideo-Trade Right or LeftVideo-Trade Centers or Ends
B35b. Trade – PartnerDefinitionVideo
B35c. Trade – CouplesDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

B36a. Step to a Wave – DefinitionVideo
B36b. Balance DefinitionVideo (with Alamo Style)
B37. Alamo Style DefinitionVideo
– Note: In this video, the dancers use a forearm hold. Callerlab recommends a “hands up” hold.
B38a. Swing ThruDefinitionVideo
B38b. Left Swing Thru DefinitionVideo

B39. RunDefinitionVideo
B39b. Cross Run DefinitionVideo
B40. Pass the Ocean DefinitionVideo
B41. Extend Definition Video

B42. Wheel and Deal DefinitionVideo
B43. Zoom DefinitionVideo
B44a. Flutterwheel DefinitionVideo
B44b. Reverse FlutterwheelDefinitionVideo (with Flutterwheel)

B45. Sweep a QuarterDefinitionVideo
B46. Trade By DefinitionVideo
B47. Touch 1/4 DefinitionVideo
B48. Ferris Wheel DefinitionVideo