Queens & Jacks

Willow Ridge Community Centre
680 Acadia Drive SE, Calgary, Alberta  map

Events List (2023-2024) poster

Lessons – Mainstream Level:
Mondays, 7:00 pm, September to April
Free Introductory lessons on September 11 & 18, 2023
Lessons start on September 25, 2023
Dance program: Mainstream

Dances – Mainstream Level:
Second and fourth Fridays of the month, September to April
Mainstream square dance: 8:00 pm
Rounds between tips (pre-rounds at 7:30 at special dances)

Executive (2023 – 2024):
Presidents: Pat & Brian Bishop
Past Presidents: Nancy & Brent Daignault
Vice-Presidents:  vacant
Marjorie Yarish
Treasurer:  Kathy Coates, Lillian Joslin
District Representatives:
  Nancy & Brent Daignault