Mainstream Moves

Square Dance moves (“calls”) from “Cloverleaf” to “Recycle”.

Videos are links to the North Shore Squares website.
– They group Mainstream Level together with the Plus Level.
– More videos are available from Saddlebrook Squares,

Animations of square dance moves are available on the Taminations website.

Definitions are links to the Callerlab teaching files.

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Click Here to view a list of Basic and Mainstream moves – in Callerlab teaching order.

Click Here to view a list of Basic and Mainstream moves – in alphabetic order NEW

Moves are listed below in the Callerlab teaching order.

M01. CloverleafDefinitionVideo

M02. Turn ThruDefinitionVideo

M03. Eight Chain Thru / Eight Chain 1, 2, 3, etc.DefinitionVideo
– Video only demonstrates Eight Chain Six and Three

M04. Pass to the CenterDefinitionVideo

M05. Allemande Thar (formation) – DefinitionVideo
– Video includes Allemande Left To an Allemande Thar

M05b.  Allemande Left to an Allemande TharDefinitionVideo

M05c. Wrong Way Thar (formation) – DefinitionVideo
– A variation of Allemande Thar

M06. Slip the ClutchDefinitionVideo
– An exit move from an Allemande Thar formation
– Next move is usually with the next person you meet (video differs)

M07. Shoot the Star / Shoot the Star Full AroundDefinitionVideo
– An exit move from an Allemande Thar formation
– “Full Around” is a less common variation

M08. Single HingeDefinitionVideo

M08b. Couples HingeDefinitionVideo

M09. Centers InDefinitionVideo

M10. Cast Off 3/4DefinitionVideo

M11. Spin the TopDefinitionVideo

M12. Walk and Dodge DefinitionVideo

M13. Slide Thru DefinitionVideo

M14a. Fold DefinitionVideo

M14b. Cross Fold DefinitionVideo

M15.  Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave DefinitionVideo
– Video includes “Trade The Wave”, which is a Plus Level move

M16.  Spin Chain ThruDefinitionVideo

M17. Tag the Line Family DefinitionVideo

M17a. Tag the Line (In / Out / Left / Right) DefinitionVideo

M17b. Tag the Line – Fraction (1/4, 1/2, 3/4)DefinitionVideo
Click here to view an article about these “fractional” variations of Tag the Line

M18. Scoot BackDefinitionVideo

M19. RecycleDefinitionVideo