Mainstream Moves

The Mainstream Level of square dance moves (or “calls”) includes the moves from “Cloverleaf” to “Recycle”.

Definitions are links to the Callerlab teaching files. Videos are links to the North Shore Squares or Saddlebrook Squares websites.

Animations of square dance moves are available on the Taminations website. Select the level (SSD, Basic One, Basic Two or Mainstream), select the move and then select a starting formation..

Basic and Mainstream Program
A list of all Basic and Mainstream moves.

Checklist of Mainstream Moves
A one-page list to help new dancers track their progress.

M01. CloverleafDefinitionVideo

M02. Turn ThruDefinitionVideo

M03. Eight Chain Thru / Eight Chain 1, 2, 3, etc.DefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M04. Pass to the CenterDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M05.   Thar FamilyDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M05a. Allemande TharDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M05b.  Allemande Left to an Allemande TharDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M05c. Wrong Way TharDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)
– An uncommon variation of Allemande Thar

M06. Slip the ClutchDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)
– A “get out” move from an Allemande Thar formation

M07. Shoot the Star / Shoot the Star Full AroundDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)
– A “get out” move from an Allemande Thar formation
– “Full Around” is an uncommon variation

M08. Single HingeDefinitionVideo

M08b. Couples HingeDefinitionVideo

M09. Centers InDefinitionVideo

M10. Cast Off 3/4DefinitionVideo

M11. Spin the TopDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M12. Walk and Dodge DefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M13. Slide Thru DefinitionVideo

M14a. Fold DefinitionVideo

M14b. Cross Fold DefinitionVideo

M15.  Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave DefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M16.  Spin Chain ThruDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)

M17. Tag the Line Family DefinitionVideo

M17a. Tag the Line (In / Out / Left / Right) DefinitionVideo

M17b. Tag the Line – Fraction (1/4, 1/2, 3/4)DefinitionVideo
Click here to view an article about these “fractional” variations of Tag the Line

M18. Scoot BackDefinitionVideo

M19. RecycleDefinitionVideo