We welcome new square dancers!

Square Dancing is a great form of exercise. You will put steps on your activity tracker and meet many new friends.

Visit our New Dancers page to learn if square dancing is something that you would like to try.

Square Dance Lessons

No experience required, Individuals & couples welcome, Step by step instruction

Visit our Lessons 2022 page to view the lessons offered by each local club.

Discover Round Dancing!

Visit our Round Dancing page to learn more about this companion activity to square dancing.

Contact Us!

The Calgary & District Square & Round Dancers Association (C&D) is a non-profit organization which coordinates the activities of the square and round dance clubs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Contact us at: info@squaredancecalgary.com or visit our Association page.

Square Dancing is international!

We welcome visiting square dancers from around the world! Our regular dance season runs from September to April.
We hold occasional dances during the summer months, particularly during the Calgary Stampede in early July.
Visit our and Events and Clubs pages to learn more.