Our clubs offer weekly square dance lessons.  Typically, the lessons start in September and end in April each year.  In that time, you will learn the Basic and Mainstream moves, as defined by Callerlab, the international association of square dance callers.

The Banff Trailers and Wheatland Whirlers clubs use the “Nest” program where new dancers can start at any time.

Square Dance Lessons 2022
The locations and start dates for each club in 2022.


Resource Summary
This PDF document summarizes the resources listed below.

Square Dance Moves
This page provides detailed information about the Basic, Mainstream and Plus levels of square dancing, including definitions and links to videos of each move. It is a useful resource for new and experienced dancers.

The Tam Twirlers club offer excellent animations of all Basic, Mainstream and Plus moves. The program is available for download on Apple phones and tablets, so that you can look up a move while you are at a dance.

North Shore Squares
This club provides videos of individual square dance moves in the mainstream program. The video at the top of this page is one example. It is a recommended resource for new dancers

Video Square Dance Lessons
The Saddlebrook Squares club offers videos of Basic and Mainstream moves. Several moves are included in each video, so that you can see how different moves flow smoothly together.