Basic One Moves

Square Dance moves (or “calls”) rom “Circle Left to to “Dive Thru.

Videos are links to the North Shore Squares website.
More videos are available from Saddlebrook Squares,

Animations of square dance moves are available on the Taminations website.

Definitions are links to the Callerlab teaching files.

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Click Here to view a printable list of all Basic and Mainstream moves – in Callerlab teaching order

Click Here to view a list of all Basic and Mainstream moves – in Alphabetic order.

Moves are listed below in the Callerlab teaching order.

B01. Circle Left & Circle RightDefinitionVideo
B02. Forward & BackDefinitionVideo
B03. DosadoDefinitionVideo
B04. SwingDefinitionVideo

B05a. Promenade – Couples (Full, 1/2, 3/4)DefinitionVideo
B05b. Promenade – Single FileDefinitionVideo
B05c. Promenade – Wrong WayDefinitionVideo
B05d. Promenade – StarDefinitionVideo

B06. Allemande LeftDefinitionVideo
B07. Arm TurnsDefinitionVideo
B08a. Right & Left GrandDefinitionVideo
B08b. Weave the RingDefinitionVideo

B09. Left Hand Star & Right Hand StarDefinitionVideo
B10. Pass Thru DefinitionVideo
B11a. Half Sashay DefinitionVideo
B11b. RollawayDefinitionVideo
– Old name: “Rollaway with a Half Sashay”
B11c. Lady’s In, Men Sashay DefinitionVideo

B12a. U-Turn Back DefinitionVideo
B12b. BacktrackDefinitionVideo
B13. Separate (as directed)DefinitionVideo
B13a. Separate Around One To A LineDefinitionVideo
B13b. Separate Around One, Come Into the MiddleDefinitionVideo

B14. Split Two DefinitionVideo
B15. Courtesy TurnDefinitionVideo
B16a. Two Ladies ChainDefinitionVideo
B16b. Four Ladies ChainDefinitionVideo
B16c. Chain Down The LineDefinitionVideo

B17. Do PasoDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)
B18. Lead RightDefinitionVideo
B19. Veer Left & Veer RightDefinitionVideo
B20. Bend the Line DefinitionVideo

B21a. Circulate – Named DancersDefinitionVideo1Video2
B21b. Circulate – CouplesDefinitionVideo
B21c. Circulate – All Eight & Single FileDefinitionVideo
B21d. Circulate – Split & BoxDefinitionVideo – SplitVideo-Box

B22. Right and Left ThruDefinitionVideo
B23. Grand SquareDefinitionVideo
B24. Star Thru DefinitionVideo
B25. Double Pass ThruDefinitionVideo
B26. First Couple Go Left, Next Couple Go RightDefinitionVideo

B27. California Twirl DefinitionVideo
B28. Walk Around The CornerDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)
– Old name: All Around Your Left Hand Lady
B29. SeesawDefinitionVideo (Saddlebrook)
B30. Square Thru (1, 2, 3, 4)DefinitionVideo
B31. Circle To A LineDefinitionVideo
B32. Dive ThruDefinitionVideo

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