Smith, Lorne

Lorne Smith (Barb)

Banff Trailers
Western Squares
Acey Pluses
Double A’s

Lorne has been a Square Dancer since 1967 and a Caller and Cuer since 1986. He calls from mainstream beginners through to C-1 and he cues Phase 2 and 3 Rounds. Lorne and wife Barb (who has been square dancing since 1977) met in 1983 at a square dance Christmas Party in Vancouver. The following year in 1984 they married and moved to Red Deer where they teamed up to cover many jobs in the activity.

They have served on several club executive positions over the early years of their dancing career. They have attended and worked at many Alberta Provincial and Canadian National Conventions. Also they have called at several B.C. Festivals and U.S. nationals. They served as the Program Chair Couple for the 2004 Canadian National Square & Round Dance Convention that was held in Calgary, Alberta. Also, they were the Program Chair Couple for the 2007 Alberta Square & Round Dance Convention held in Strathmore, Alberta and the 2012 Alberta Square & Round Dance Convention held in High River, Alberta.

They are currently members of the Calgary Callers Association, Square & Round Dance Instructor’s Association of Alberta & an Accredited Caller member of Callerlab.

One of their passions is cruising and they have currently taken square dancers on 4 square dance cruises and have another one planned for the summer 2018 sailing the British Isles.

They have held several offices in both The Square and Round Dance Instructors’ Association of Alberta (S.R.D.I.A.A.) and the Calgary Callers Association. Lorne assisted Daryl Clendenin with the 2005 S.R.D.I.A.A. Caller’s School and conducted the 2006 & 2008, 2010, & 2012 S.R.D.I.A.A. Schools. In the year 2015 the shared the S.R.D.I.A.A. Callers School with the late Tim Mariner. They also for several years produced the S.R.D.I.A.A. newsletter. Lorne and Barb presently call for the: Western Squares, Banff Trailers, Acey Pluses, Double A’s and Thursday’s Plus Lesson square dance clubs. Lorne currently calls and teaches basics thru to Challenge 1 and cues thru to Phase III. In the spring of 2015 Lorne had the honor of being the Mystery Caller for the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival.

Lorne currently works for Hallmark Custom Cabinetry, which produces kitchen cabinets in and around the Calgary area. But Square and Round dancing are Who and What they are.